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Operating system and applications for the PineTime watch
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jebbatime is an operating system and application suite for the PineTime watch.


To build.

  • Debian Buster (10).


Debian Packages

Install dependencies from Debian repos.

sudo apt install \
      wget git build-essential libsdl2-2.0-0 python3-click python3-gi \
      python3-numpy python3-pexpect python3-pil python3-pip python3-pydbus \
      python3-serial unzip \
      graphviz python3-recommonmark \
      python3-sphinx \
      python3-cairo \
      python3-ecdsa \
      pkg-config \
      bluez \
      ntpdate \
      sudo \
      gcc-arm-none-eabi ccache \


Add to ~/.bashrc:



Source sauce.

git clone git@spacecruft.org:jebbatime/jebbatime.git
# Or
git clone https://spacecruft.org/jebbatime/jebbatime.git
cd jebbatime


Manually, install Python dependencies with pip.

pip3 install --user -r wasp/requirements.txt
pip3 install --user freetype-py


Debian Bullseye (11) on ppc64le wants rustc to build/install pip package cryptography.

sudo apt -y install rustc


Some submodules are mirrored.

make submodules
# XXX grabs some source zips
make softdevice


Build thang.

# Blow out, rinse, repeat. Should take less than a minute or so.
make mrproper
make clean BOARD=pinetime
make submodules
make all BOARD=pinetime


HOWTO add font.

cd tools/micropython-font-to-py

./font_to_py.py								\
	/usr/share/fonts/opentype/lobstertwo/LobsterTwo-Bold.otf	\
	--xmap 64							\
	--errchar 58							\
	--smallest 48							\
	--largest 58							\

mv lobstertwobold64.py ../../wasp/fonts/


This assumes two devices, the sealed watch and the open developers watch.

mkdir ~/.config/
cp -p config/jebbatime.conf ~/.config/
# Adjust as needed.
vim ~/.config/jebbatime.conf


Basic scripts are in scripts/.



jebbatime is a lesser fork of Daniel Thompson's Wasp-os.

  • Same licenses.
  • Renamed.
  • Removed more than added.
  • Removing bits not used on Pinetime.
  • Removing bits not used by me.
  • No step counter.
  • No heart rate monitor.
  • Etc.
  • Not much useful added.
  • Nice digital face font. Battery and BLE icon removed from main app.


Upstream source code:

Non-free bits

XXX Appears to include non-free "5-Clause Nordic License". :|

4. This software, with or without modification, must only be used with a
   Nordic Semiconductor ASA integrated circuit.