Lesser fork of retropilot-server https://spacecruft.org/retropilot/retropilot-server/
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This is a lesser fork of upstream retropilot-server.




Docs for Debian stable (bullseye/11).

# Do as retropilot user
adduser retropilot
sudo su - retropilot

# Database / Postgres
sudo apt install postgresql
sudo -u postgres psql -c "CREATE DATABASE retropilot;"
sudo -u postgres psql -c "CREATE USER retropilot WITH password 'passwurd';"
sudo -u postgres psql -c "GRANT ALL privileges ON DATABASE retropilot TO retropilot;"
# Lookie:
sudo -u postgres psql

# As retropilot user
cat sql/create_tables.sql | psql -U retropilot -d retropilot
# take a look
psql -U retropilot -d retropilot
# pg commands, ala

# Install deps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install npm

# Clone fork
git clone git@spacecruft.org:retropilot/retropilot-server.git
cd retropilot-server

# Build thang
npm install

# missing?
#cp config.sample.js config.js
# Perhaps:
cp -p .env.sample .env
vim .env

# Looks like this is needed ?
npm install esm

# In one term run:
node -r esm src/server

# In another term run:
node -r esm src/worker

# Firewall, open port 8080


Go to in your browser, using the correct IP.

Create an account. Check server.log for the token, which appears to be verysecrettoken by default. Then log in with that.


This is forked from RetroPilot:

See also README-upstream.md.