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import requests
import logging
from datetime import datetime
import lxml
import settings
import sys
def get_paginated_endpoint(url, max_entries=None):
r = requests.get(url=url)
data = r.json()
while 'next' in r.links and (not max_entries or len(data) < max_entries):
next_page_url = r.links['next']['url']
r = requests.get(url=next_page_url)
return data
def get_satellite_info():
# Open session"Fetching satellite information from DB.")
r = requests.get('{}/api/satellites'.format(settings.DB_BASE_URL))"Satellites received!")
# Select alive satellites
norad_cat_ids = []
for o in r.json():
if o["status"] == "alive":
return norad_cat_ids
def get_active_transmitter_info(fmin, fmax):
# Open session"Fetching transmitter information from DB.")
r = requests.get('{}/api/transmitters'.format(settings.DB_BASE_URL))"Transmitters received!")
# Loop
transmitters = []
for o in r.json():
if o["downlink_low"]:
if o["status"] == "active" and o["downlink_low"] > fmin and o["downlink_low"] <= fmax:
transmitter = {"norad_cat_id": o["norad_cat_id"], "uuid": o["uuid"], "mode": o["mode"]}
transmitters.append(transmitter)"Transmitters filtered based on ground station capability.")
return transmitters
def get_transmitter_stats():
logging.debug("Requesting transmitter success rates for all satellite")
transmitters = get_paginated_endpoint('{}/api/transmitters/'.format(settings.NETWORK_BASE_URL))
return transmitters
def get_scheduled_passes_from_network(ground_station, tmin, tmax):
# Get first page
client = requests.session()
# Loop
start = True
next_url = '{}/api/observations/?ground_station={:d}'.format(
settings.NETWORK_BASE_URL, ground_station)
scheduledpasses = []"Requesting scheduled passes for ground station %d" % ground_station)
# Fetch observations until the time of the end of the last fetched observation happends to be
# before the start time of the selected timerange for scheduling
# NOTE: This algorithm is based on the order in which the API returns the observations, i.e.
# most recent observations are returned at first!
while next_url:
r = client.get(next_url)
if 'next' in r.links:
next_url = r.links['next']['url']
logging.debug("No further pages with observations")
next_url = None
if not r.json():"Ground station has no observations yet")
# r.json() is a list of dicts/observations
for o in r.json():
satpass = {
"id": o['norad_cat_id'],
"tr": datetime.strptime(o['start'].replace("Z", ""), "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S"),
"ts": datetime.strptime(o['end'].replace("Z", ""), "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S"),
"scheduled": True,
"altt": o['max_altitude'],
"priority": 1,
"uuid": o['transmitter'],
"name": '',
"mode": ''
if satpass['ts'] > tmin and satpass['tr'] < tmax:
# Only store observations which are during the ROI for scheduling
if satpass['ts'] < tmin:
# Last fetched observation is older than the ROI for scheduling, end loop.
break"Scheduled passes for ground station %d retrieved!" % ground_station)
return scheduledpasses
def get_groundstation_info(ground_station_id, allow_testing):"Requesting information for ground station %d" % ground_station_id)
# Loop
r = requests.get("{}/api/stations/?id={:d}".format(settings.NETWORK_BASE_URL,
selected_stations = list(filter(lambda s: s['id'] == ground_station_id, r.json()))
if not selected_stations:'No ground station information found!')
# Exit if no ground station found
sys.exit()'Ground station information retrieved!')
station = selected_stations[0]
if station['status'] == 'Online' or (station['status'] == 'Testing' and allow_testing):
return station
if station['status'] == 'Testing' and not allow_testing:"Ground station {} is in testing mode but auto-scheduling is not "
"allowed. Use -T command line argument to enable scheduling.".format(ground_station_id))
else:"Ground station {} neither in 'online' nor in 'testing' mode, "
"can't schedule!".format(ground_station_id))
return {}
def schedule_observation(uuid,
observation = [{'ground_station': ground_station_id,
'transmitter_uuid': uuid,
'start': starttime,
'end': endtime}]
r ='{}/api/observations/'.format(settings.NETWORK_BASE_URL),
headers={'Authorization': 'Token {}'.format(settings.NETWORK_API_TOKEN)})
except requests.HTTPError:
err = r.json()"Failed to schedule pass: {}".format(err))