Singlet Oxygen Luminescence Detector, Low cost! Libre KiCad files, based on the paper "Singlet oxygen luminescence detector based on low-cost InGaAs avalanche photodiode" by Alexander E.Moskalensky, et al.
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.title KiCad schematic
U1 Net-_C1-Pad1_ Net-_C1-Pad2_ Net-_D1-Pad2_ GND Net-_C1-Pad1_ Net-_C2-Pad1_ Net-_C2-Pad2_ +5V LM358
R6 Net-_C1-Pad2_ Net-_C1-Pad1_ 68k Ω
R5 Net-_D1-Pad2_ GNDPWR 100kΩ
C1 Net-_C1-Pad1_ Net-_C1-Pad2_ 1 μF
R3 Net-_C1-Pad2_ GNDPWR 300 Ω
R4 Net-_C2-Pad1_ GNDPWR 300 Ω
D1 Net-_D1-Pad1_ Net-_D1-Pad2_ D_Photo
R1 unconnected-_R1-Pad1_ Net-_C2-Pad1_ 300 Ω
C2 Net-_C2-Pad1_ Net-_C2-Pad2_ 2.2 μF
R2 Net-_C2-Pad1_ Net-_C2-Pad2_ 100kΩ