Libre AI OS for MyCroft Mark II
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MyCruft is an OS and applications for the Mycroft Mark II.

MyCruft is based on OpenVoiceOS.

MyCruft is libre software. Any non-free software encountered will be noted.


MyCruft is alpha software under early development.


Using Debian stable (bookworm/12). Install these on the build host.

apt install \
  gcc \
  subversion \
  qttools5-dev \
  qttools5-dev-tools \
  python3 \
  git \
  make \
  g++ \
  curl \
  wget \
  qtdeclarative5-dev \
  ccache \
  libkf5coreaddons-dev-bin libkf5config-dev-bin


Get source.

mkdir -p ~/devel/downloads ~/devel/deepcrayon
cd ~/devel/deepcrayon/
git clone --recursive


HOWTO build.

Overview, if only it worked just like this. Maybe someday:

cd MyCruft/
# make sure all is good and clean
make clean
make mycruft-config
make menuconfig
make savedefconfig
make mycruft

TODO and Issues:

See issues:


Main upstream projects and sources.


The main open source fork of MyCroft, after MyCroft stopped development.

See for the upstream readme.

git clone --recursive


Manufacturer of the open source hardware (KiCAD!) and a lot of software. Defunct (?).


OS build system.

They even have their own git and bugzilla server. woo.

git clone git://

Raspberry Pi

The main MyCroft Mark II hardware is a Raspberry Pi 4. XXX check model b?


Unofficial project, not related to Mycroft, OpenVoiceOS, or any others.

Upstream sources under their respective copyrights.


Apache 2.0.

Copyright © 2023, Jeff Moe.