Bits for build123d Python CAD.
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Crufty files, perhaps to use with build123d.

system assembly Screenshot of Parrot IDE with build123d with motherboard mounted on a plate inside a chassis.

mb_plate Screenshot of Parrot IDE with build123d related plugins.


build123d is a python CAD programming library.

Parrot IDE

Parrot IDE was used to write and render.


Install this repo thusly:

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -U setuptools pip wheel
pip install -e .

In your IDE, such as Parrot, Theia or vscode, install the .vsix extension built or installed from here:

Add this to ~/.ocpvscode, updating the path.

  "3939": {
    "roots": [

And this is the ugliest cruft of all, until I find where to fix the path. Set this up to work around a missing path:

sudo mkdir -p /webview/theia-resource/file/
cd /webview/theia-resource/file/
sudo ln -s /tmp .


Apache 2.0 license.

Copyright © 2024, Jeff Moe.