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Docs and scripts for use with Mastodon. https://spacecruft.org/deepcrayon/mastodon
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Mastodon is software that allows people to write text and upload media to a distributed, self-governed network of servers.

Share your wisdom here:


I run my own personal Mastodon server since 2023:

This present repo is for small notes and scripts for maintaining my instance.



See BLOCKS.md for info about server blocks for content moderation.

Spam Followers

Another attack is spam accounts following my account. See RMFOLLOW.md for info about a Python script to remove spam followers.


Unofficial project, not part of official Mastodon software or website. Upstream sources under their respective copyrights.

License: CC By SA 4.0 International and/or GPLv3+ at your discretion.

Copyright © 2023, Jeff Moe.