AJA NTV2 Corvid Drivers updated for Linux Kernel 6.1. https://spacecruft.org/deepcrayon/ntv2
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AJA Video Linux driver updated for kernel 6.1.


The Linux driver code from AJA Video, the manufacturer, fails to build with later 5.x and newer 6.x Linux kernels.



git clone https://spacecruft.org/deepcrayon/ntv2
cd ntv2/
rm -rf cmake-build/


cmake --build cmake-build -j$(nproc)

sudo cmake --install cmake-build

cd ajadriver/linux
make clean
make -j$(nproc)

cd ../../bin

sudo bash ./load_ajantv2


Confirmed working hardware:

  • AJA Video Corvid 88.

  • AJA Video Kona 4.

  • AJA Video Kona 3G.

Confirmed working kernel, from Debian Bookworm (12/stable) updates:

  • Linux host 6.1.0-11-rt-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_RT Debian 6.1.38-4 (2023-08-08) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Module builds and loads ok on ppc64le, but picture is glitchy, bad.


Works with OBS Studio AJA Video module.

Works with Norihiro's OBS AJA Output Filter


See README-AJA.md for AJA Video's docs.

Code from manufacturer:

Manufacturer's website:

Some patch bits from Red-Swingline pull request for the V4L2 driver:


Unofficial project, not related to AJA Video.

Upstream sources under their respective copyrights.



Copyright © 2023, Jeff Moe.