Scripts for models for use with Parrot.
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Parrot Models

Models for Parrot Libre AI IDE.

Libre Models

Parrot is a Libre AI, so it needs a good free content ("open source") data model.

There are endless AI models, only some suitable for this application. Of the available models, a smaller subset claims to be "open source". Of the "open source" subset, only a much smaller subset actually uses an "open source" license. Of the "open source" subset that actually uses "open source" licenses, only a smaller subset uses exclusively "open source" training data.

AFAICT, there are exactly ZERO (0) AI instruct models are actually "open source" trained on "open source" datasets.

Parrot Model Licensing

Preferably, there is some truly libre instruct model suitable for Parrot. Likely, one will have to be created from scratch.

The model may use data that is under a license that appears on one of these three lists as an acceptable free/open license:

Model Table

See models.ods LibreOffice spreadsheet.

Table of Models


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