Fork of Trezor Blockbook.
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Fork of Trezor Blockbook.

The differences:

  • Just for Ethereum.

  • Use existing geth --full server.

  • Don't require backend-* package.

  • Minimal UI, dark theme.

  • Listen only on localhost, no SSL.

  • Use spacecruft repos, not github.

  • Don't use CDN.


# Install docker, etc.
git clone
cd blockbook
make deb-blockbook-ethereum
dpkg -i build/blockbook-ethereum_0.3.4_amd64.deb

Edit config:

vim /opt/coins/blockbook/ethereum/config/blockchaincfg.json

XXX Hardcoded into systemd script, set geth node:

vim /lib/systemd/system/blockbook-ethereum.service
systemctl daemon-reload


systemctl start blockbook-ethereum.service


tail -f /opt/coins/blockbook/ethereum/logs/blockbook.INFO


Fork of Trezor Blockbook. See