Cruft for Space.

Loveland, Colorado, USA

Clone of cbassa's stvid. Satellite tracking with video cameras.

Updated 3 hours ago

wut? --- What U Think? SatNOGS Observation AI.

Updated 9 hours ago

SatNOGS Optical Process Overview.

Updated 1 day ago

Forklet of cbassa's sattools for use with free software giza instead of closed pgplot.

Updated 6 days ago

Forklet of

Updated 1 week ago

Spacecruft static front page.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Python based radio frequency satellite tracking

Updated 2 weeks ago

Spacecraft Identification and Localization Organizational Transceiver and FPGA

Updated 2 weeks ago

Spacecraft Identification and Localization Common Schematic

Updated 2 weeks ago

Satellite ground station for the SatNOGS network. Rotator with one VHF and one UHF antenna. Using all COTS (commodity off the shelf) parts, requiring no special tools or skills to build. Libre licensing.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Data sheets for parts of the Spacecruft Satellite Ground Station:

Updated 3 weeks ago

Script to add GPS, Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou GNSS satellites to Celestia.

Updated 2 months ago

Notes on setting up ground stations.

Updated 2 months ago

Lesser fork of

Updated 2 months ago

Visualize with leaflet maps.

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