Unofficial scripts for interacting with the SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers.
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pysalx - scripts for interacting with the SciAps XRF and LIBS analyzers.


Alpha software under development. Need to fix:

  • Cannot Export Spectra #1

  • API: 501 Not Implemented #2


Tools to interact with the device are available in most free software oriented distributions, such as Debian.

Install on a Debian workstation (running as user debian, hostname workstation) example:

debian@workstation:~$ git clone
debian@workstation:~$ sudo apt update
debian@workstation:~$ sudo apt install adb
debian@workstation:~$ cd pysalx/


See ./scripts/ directory in this repo for current scripts.

Current scripts:

  • pysalx-api-config --- Get analyzer configuration via API.
  • pysalx-api-id --- Get analyzer ID via API.
  • pysalx-api-port --- Forward web port 8080 via USB to localhost.
  • pysalx-api-status --- Get analyzer status via API.
  • pysalx-api-test --- Do Analyzer test via API.
  • pysalx-api-wlcalibration --- Get analyzer wavelength calibration via API.
  • pysalx-backup-export --- Backup the export directory, with spectra from templates.
  • pysalx-backup-extsd --- Backup the ext SD card.
  • pysalx-backup-fs --- Backup whole file system. Not yet.
  • pysalx-backup-sd --- Backup the SD card.
  • pysalx-date-set --- Set time/date on analyzer using workstation's time.
  • pysalx-install-deps --- Install script dependencies (initial setup).
  • pysalx-tail-log --- View the analyzer logfile in semi-real-time.


You may need to set up permissions to access the device as non-root.


debian@workstation$ adb root
# If you don't have perms, something like:
debian@workstation:~$ sudo adb root

It should then say you are connected.

To see files, after connecting as show above. Examples (output not shown):

# See top level directory:
debian@workstation:~$ adb ls /

# See main sdcard where captured samples and photos are stored (main dir):
debian@workstation:~$ adb ls /storage/sdcard0/

To view debug logs in realtime:

debian@workstation:~$ adb shell tail -f /storage/sdcard0/ngl.log


See more notes in the doc/ directory.

SciAps Analyzers

In sum, they are Android-derived 64-bit ARM systems. So they interact with standard free software Android tools such as "Android Debug Bridge" (adb).


Z-903 LIBS Analyzer

X-555 XRF Analyzer

SciAps Resources

SciAps sites.


This repository, documentation and code is unofficial, unaffiliated with SciAps.



Copyright (C) 2022, Jeff Moe