Unofficial scripts for interacting with the SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers.
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pysalx - scripts for interacting with the SciAps XRF and LIBS analyzers.


Alpha software under development.


Tools to interact with the device are available in most free software oriented distributions, such as Debian.

Install on a Debian workstation (running as user debian, hostname workstation) example:

debian@workstation:~$ git clone
debian@workstation:~$ sudo apt update
debian@workstation:~$ sudo apt install adb
debian@workstation:~$ cd pysalx/


See ./scripts/ directory in this repo for current scripts.

Current scripts:

  • pysalx-api-config --- Get analyzer configuration via API.
  • pysalx-api-id --- Get analyzer ID via API.
  • pysalx-api-port --- Forward web port 8080 via USB to localhost.
  • pysalx-api-status --- Get analyzer status via API.
  • pysalx-api-test --- Do Analyzer test via API.
  • pysalx-api-wlcalibration --- Get analyzer wavelength calibration via API.
  • pysalx-backup-export --- Backup the export directory, with spectra from templates.
  • pysalx-backup-extsd --- Backup the ext SD card.
  • pysalx-backup-fs --- Backup whole file system. Not yet.
  • pysalx-backup-sd --- Backup the SD card.
  • pysalx-date-set --- Set time/date on analyzer using workstation's time.
  • pysalx-install-deps --- Install script dependencies (initial setup).
  • pysalx-record --- Display device screen. XXX TODO
  • pysalx-screen --- Display device screen on workstation.
  • pysalx-log --- View the analyzer logfile in semi-real-time.


You may need to set up permissions to access the device as non-root.


debian@workstation$ adb root
# If you don't have perms, something like:
debian@workstation:~$ sudo adb root

It should then say you are connected.

To see files, after connecting as show above. Examples (output not shown):

# See top level directory:
debian@workstation:~$ adb ls /

# See main sdcard where captured samples and photos are stored (main dir):
debian@workstation:~$ adb ls /storage/sdcard0/

To view debug logs in realtime:

debian@workstation:~$ adb shell tail -f /storage/sdcard0/ngl.log


See more notes in the doc/ directory.

Other Useful Apps

To view the screen of the device remotely via USB, install scrcpy.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install scrcpy

SciAps Analyzers

In sum, they are Android-derived 64-bit ARM systems. So they interact with standard free software Android tools such as "Android Debug Bridge" (adb).


Z-903 LIBS Analyzer

X-555 XRF Analyzer

SciAps Resources

SciAps sites.


This repository, documentation and code is unofficial, unaffiliated with SciAps.



Copyright (C) 2022, Jeff Moe