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This lesser fork is for exploring the SatNOGS DB.

Install Dependencies

Using Debian Stable (Bullseye/11).

sudo apt install git libmariadb-dev mariadb-server npm python3-pip sqlite3 virtualenvwrapper

Repo setup

I setup my git repo thusly.

git clone git@spacecruft.org:spacecruft/satnogs-db.git
cd satnogs-db
git remote add upstream https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-db.git
git fetch upstream
git checkout remotes/upstream/master
git branch spacecruft
git checkout spacecruft
git push --set-upstream origin spacecruft
# set to default branch in gitea


Set up the environment.

To use virtualenvwrapper, you need to add it to the PATH. The easiest way is to just add this like to the end of ~/.bashrc.

source /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper.sh

Then log out and back in or just re-source the file. This will enable the mkvirtualenv and workon commands.

cd satnogs-db
mkvirtualenv satnogs-db -a .
pip install --upgrade pip
cp env-dist .env

Then edit the .env file to add ALLOWED_HOSTS for remote acccess on LAN. Use IP address of server.


Front End Dependencies

Install front end. Each command takes one minute or so to run.

npm install

Populate Database

Run thusly:

workon satnogs-db  # if you aren't already in the environment
./bin/djangoctl.sh develop .

Set up database in another terminal, when above command is ready and listening on port 8000:

cd satnogs-db
workon satnogs-db
./bin/djangoctl.sh initialize


May need to open firewall on server, TCP/8000.


In web browser go to server IP, port 8000.

Log in with super user created above when initializing. It will verify email address. Look in the output of the terminal running the django command above for the URL to validate the email address (assuming no email is actually used).


See upstream README-upstream.md.