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SpaceCruft! SatNOGS Rotator Controller

Fork of SatNOGS Rotator Controller.


Manufactured PCBs

These boards were made by Dirty PCBs:

Front of PCB Back of PCB Set of 12 PCBs

Dirty PCBs

PCBs by DirtyPCBs have been made. More info:



PCBs by ProtoExpress have been made. More info:


Original README below.

SatNOGS Rotator Controller

Electronics designs for SatNOGS Rotator.

Repository includes all source files of PCB's for the SatNOGS rotator controller assembly.

Firmware can be found on satnogs-rotator-firmware.


More information can be found in our wiki.

Repository policy

SatNOGS hardware repositories only track source design files. All needed derivative files (e.g. stl, grb etc) for production are created per release, packaged in an archive and uploaded linked to a release.

Master branch is most times under active development, so expect things to break. For production ready and previous releases source files check tags.


The main repository lives on Gitlab and all Merge Request should happen there.


© 2014-2017 Libre Space Foundation.

Licensed under the CERN OHLv1.2.