Quick and dirty script to generate a waterfall PNG from a SatNOGS satellite manual observation. https://spacecruft.org/spacecruft/satnogs-waterfall
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waterfall2png will take a satellite recording, such as from the Libre Space Foundation's SatNOG network, and convert it into a PNG.

This script is just a few lines added to upstream's satnogs-client waterfall.py to make it easier for command line processing.


If you don't already have satnogs-client installed, install Python dependencies to your taste, such as:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pip
pip install --user matplotlib numpy

Change these two lines to your input data and output PNG:

# Change this to your input file name

# This is the output PNG filename:

Then run:





Status / Disclaimer

I have no idea if this is doing what it should.


Same as upstream, AGPLv3.