Scripts to convert Galmon GNSS data for use in Celestia
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Spacecruft Celestia Galmon

celestia-galmon is a set of scripts to retrieve Galmon GNSS data and feed it to Celestia for visualization.

The Galmon GNSS Monitoring Project's "goals are to monitor the major Global Navigation Satellite Systems, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, but also Space Base Augmentation Systems like WAAS, EGNOS and GAGAN. Galmon is an open source & open data project with a community of over 30 station operators running more than 50 receivers."

Celestia is a "real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions".


Screenshots of running Celestia with GNSS satellites and Galmon Observers, generated by celestia-galmon-observers.

The goal is to have something like the screenshots below, including more Galmon data.

Celestia with Galmon Observer locations and GNSS satellites. celestia-galmon-observers


Install thusly.

Quick & dirty if you want to use pre-generated file:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/celestia/extras-standard/galmon
# Use your username for debian
sudo chown debian:debian /usr/share/celestia/extras-standard/galmon

wget \
 -O /usr/share/celestia/extras-standard/galmon/galmon-observers.ssc \

# Then (re)start Celestia.

If you want to generate your own files:

# Quick & dirty Python setup
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pip
pip install --user --upgrade pip
pip install --user -r requirements.txt


Run thusly.

Retrieve Galmon observers, output SSC format for Celestia:


# Save file for Celestia:
./celestia-galmon-observers > \

Galmon Data

Galmon data can be retrieved from the website in JSON format. Available URLs:

Global, overview of data collection:

Service Vehicles (Satellites):

Almanac. Can also be queried with t time flag:

Observers (Ground Stations):



See Also





Upstream Celestia:


Galmon main page:

Galmon web map:

Source code:



Alpha, under development.

Appears to work for Galmon observer locations.

License / Copyright

Unofficial project, not part of Celestia or Galmon. Upstream sources under their respective copyrights.

Copyright (C) 2022 Jeff Moe.

License: GPLv2 or any later version.