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Spacecruft GNSS Earth

Spacecruft GNSS Earth is a series of web applications that render GNSS satellites on a globe of Earth (here).


Websites available for viewing.







The following scripts are available for running websites:

  • --- All satellites
  • --- Beidou (China) satellites
  • --- Galileo (Europe) satellites
  • --- GLONASS (Russia) satellites
  • --- GPS (USA) satellites


To install on your own machine:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-pip

git clone
cd gnss-earth/
# Install python setup to your taste...
# Update pip...
pip3 install --user --upgrade pip
pip3 install --user --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Need to get cesium.key from Cesium ION.

Run the app, such as: python3

Then you can view it in a web browser. Each script has it's own port. URL will be like

If you want a more semi-permanent install with a web proxy that starts on boot, see you can do below:

There are sample Apache configs in the apache/ directory.

There are systemd files with really bad PATHs in the systemd/ directory. Copy them here: /etc/systemd/system/

Run: sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Then run systemctl start spacecruft-beidou or whatever service you want to start.

You can see what ports it is listening on (from net-tools package) ala: netstat -pant | grep py

Upstream Dependencies


License / Copyright

Copyright (C) 2022 Jeff Moe.

License: AGPLv3 or any later version.