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Parrot, a self-hosted Libre AI IDE for stochastic humans.

  • An IDE is an editor. It is a software application that makes it easy for humans to edit computer source code.

  • AI adds "artificial intelligence" to the application, which may help the human write code.

  • Libre means all of the source code is under a free software license, as defined by the Free Software Foundation. Examples: GPL, MIT.

  • Libre means all of the AI models are under a free content license compatible with Wikipedia. Example: CC by SA.

Parrot Screenshot

Parrot Development

The present repository is the source code to documents of the development of Parrot.

This is not end use documentation, but information about working on Parrot itself.

The rendered development documentation is available here:

AI Assistant

Some documents in this repository have been created using Parrot. When this is true, it is noted in the header of that source file. It will note which model was used. So far only the Phind-CodeLlama-34B-v2_q8.gguf model has been used.